The United Lebanese Plastic Industries

Producing PVC pipes you can trust for over 55 years

uPVC characteristics

Fluid flow, immunity to corrosion, mechanical strength, electrical insulation, light weight, easy to install and maintain.

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Pressure pipes

Pipes that are designed for the conveyance and supply of potable water, irrigation, drainage, as well as sewerage under pressure.

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Soil and waste pipes

Pipes that are designed for installation inside a building as well as buried in the ground within the building structure.

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Gravity sewer pipes

Pipes that are designed for underground storm water, gravity sewerage, drainage networks, and urban sewer networks.

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Slotted underdrain pipes

Pipes that are supplied with precise slots, for greater intake capacity and continuous clog-resistant drainage of fluids.

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Electrical ducts

Pipes that are designed for electrical distribution in buildings, concrete encasement, telcos, and street lighting.

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Tubelec pipes

Pipes that are designed for heavy duty applications. Corrosion and fire resistant, light-weight, easy to install, and non-conductive.

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Tests and controls

Our pipes are only considered compliant to the standard if a series of in-house tests have been carried out successfully.

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Established in 1969, The United Lebanese Plastic Industries (ULPI) is a family owned business. ULPI specialises in the production of UPVC pipes including waste discharge pipes, drainage and sewer pipes, pressure pipes, electrical and telecommunication cable ducts.

With over 50 years experience in the formulation and extrusion of UPVC, ULPI has become a regional pioneer and intends to remain a loyal partner to decision makers, consultants, and contractors who believe in long term thinking.
With a long-established reputation, ULPI is always investing in research and development to maintain top quality products.

We are 100% Eco Friendly.

Soil & Waste Pipes

NL Conformity Mark License NL EN 1329-1

Gravity Sewer Pipes

NL Conformity Mark License NL EN 1401-1

Pressure pipes

NL Conformity Mark License NL EN 1452-2

ISO 9001:2015 certification

Bureau Veritas Certification ISO 9001:2015

Fire Reaction Class certification

LNE Certification Fire Reaction Class

  • ULPI - the United Lebanese Plastic Industries s.a.l., Roumieh, Lebanon
  • Capital – RC 432/69 Baabda- VAT N 56422-601 Samaha Industrial Complex Roumieh Road P.O.Box 901903 Jdeideh Roumieh, Lebanon