Clean and safe

It is so clean and safe that it is used for intravenous medical tubing interventions and is the pipe of choice for ecologically sensitive environments such as salt water aquariums.


Best choice for the environment

It is produced with sustainable and abundant resources such as chlorine, which is derived from salt, and domestically produced natural gas, which helps reduce the consumption of oil.


100% recyclable

Its manufacturing is resourceful, with virtually 100% of the PVC compound being used. It takes four times less energy to make than concrete pipe, and half that used for iron pipe.


A smaller human footprint

The ultra-smooth surface of PVC pipes reduces pumping costs and its leak-free joints eliminate water loss – which can be as high as 40% in corrosion-prone piping networks.


Two million miles of sustainable piping

Its durability, soundness, clean and energy-efficient manufacturing and transportation have made it the material of choice for water and wastewater applications globally.


Strongly regulated

The quality and performance of PVC pipes is assured by a wide array of tough international standards, control tests and independent certifications.