Slotted underdrain pipes

ULPI® rigid U-PVC compact underdrain pipe

These pipes are supplied with precision-machined slots, which provide greater intake capacity and continuous, clog-resistant drainage of fluids.

Applications include, but are not limited to, subsurface drainage around residential and commercial buildings and infrastructure works, drainage and dewatering applications under roads and highways, leachate collection systems for solid waste landfills.

ULPI® Slotted Underdrain Pipes fulfil requirements of standards DIN-4262 and NF P 16-351 type R2 SD: Round drainage pipe with smooth internal surface (R2) designed for Standard Duty applications (SD).

Slots Design MP: slots are located on the upper 135° of the pipe. The lower part of the MP pipe will carry away drained water. Wall thickness according to NL-EN-1401 SN4.

  R2 SD -MP  
in mm
Discharge Area
in cm2
Water Inlet Area
in cm2/m
Slot Type
110 R2 SD11083≻50MP
125 R2 SD125109≻50MP
160 R2 SD160178≻70MP
200 R2 SD200280≻80MP
250 R2 SD250441≻90MP
315 R2 SD315702≻110MP

Supplied in 6 meters total length (L).
Color: orange-brown (terracotta, approximately RAL 8023).
Socket: integral, spigot chamfered for easy installation.